Our comprehensive follow-up ensures desired outcomes.


Our work within organizations begins with the building of new skills, capabilities and aspirations in individuals. We transform teams through challenges met, reflection, conversation and conceptualization.

The ultimate goal is moving both individuals and organizations towards new improved attitudes, beliefs and ultimately, improved bottom-line results for both the individual and the organization.

Our training programs promise transformation using outdoor and indoor experiences that help individuals and organizations explore their potential, instill a spirit of enthusiasm, positivity and adventure. We are about creating an alternate learning journey – one that works in the real world.

Program Objectives
  • Infuse self motivation.
  • Equip with leadership fundamentals.
  • Create a mindset to embrace change.
  • Enhance the team spirit, individual responsibility and pride in work.
  • Create a sense of belonging.
  • Spur creativity and innovation.
  • Develop trust and confidence building.
Transformational Tools
  • Management Development Training
  • Customized HR Interventions
  • Psychological and Developmental Needs Analysis
  • Corporate Experiential Learning
Client Assessment
We work with the HR or LD team. The Inward Bound promise of change begins with an in-depth assessment of the client’s needs through interviews, questionnaires and discussions. Once a shared understanding of needs is determined, the program follows. Inward Bound provides a comprehensive post program follow-up to ensure that desired outcomes are achieved.