Creativity and innovation spring from inner freedom.

Any idea we have about ourselves – our abilities and limitations – is bound to box us in. What’s required is the elimination of the self-imposed barriers of title, responsibility, status and perceived limitations. But how to do that?

Inward Bound activities are designed to bring down the boxes, remove the limitations and turn your group of ‘individuals’ into a virtual Super Team.

One of our programs, our Survival Program, forces individuals to work together. Here there are no titles, no thousand dollar suits, just folks working together to accomplish something difficult. And getting it done. Together.

Experience, not theory.
Although many Inward Bound programs appear to be ‘outward bound’ they are really focused on the inner. Where real change happens.

Our training programs are based on experience, not theory. Our founder, Major Vijith Welikala, has built his many businesses on innovation, creativity and teamwork.

Winning the entrepreneurship national gold medal and first ever Adventure Hotel Award qualifies him to lead his SuperTeam of trainers at our purpose-built proprietary centers.


Once out of the box, creativity and innovation comes naturally. Without any effort at all. The bottom line? It’s all about freedom. Freedom to create, innovate and maximize individual, team & corporate potential.

It is our belief that the ‘Miracle of Asia’ – individual and corporate growth – can only happen when all the boxes are gone.