For things to change the individual must change.


As we see it, and knowing the underlying principles of effective education, if the individual “gets it, understands and buys in” to it, then teams, work units and the entire organization will prosper and develop within the context of the bigger picture.

But ultimately it is the individual that must change first. We can most certainly help with that.

Experiential learning is a learning methodology that is somewhat different from what most people are used to. People typically think of learning in terms of academic activities, like reading and listening to lectures. Common experience indicates otherwise. Numerous past programs and studies have shown that the experiential methodology is the one that facilitates real and lasting change.

Learning from Experience
The majority of an individual’s wisdom over the course of their lives comes from experiences outside the classroom. Despite this very common understanding, most people do not often think about how they could develop their ability to learn from experience, and therefore do not spend time reflecting on their experiences.
Our training programs are a promise of transformation using the outdoors & indoors to create a learning environment, help individuals and organizations explore their potential, instill a spirit of enthusiasm, positivity and adventure. We are about creating an alternate learning journey – one that works in the real world.

Because we will be working with people of all ages, professional status, backgrounds and education, we realize the importance of offering an education model appealing to the vast majority – to awaken to the power that resides within each of us.