I’s not just a job, it’s a passion.


Inward Bound is the only company in Sri Lanka offering an international adventure and HR faculty with a business and personal development perspective.

Our expert facilitators and highly skilled ex-servicemen commando personnel ensure safety throughout the many high adventure and learning experiences we provide.

We offer a journey that will uplift body, mind and spirit. Ambient music, the opportunity to live in the jungle and your choice of eco-adventure activities will create experiences that are truly unforgettable and last a lifetime. Team spirit, sharing and bonding is a natural outcome of this process.

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Our Commitment

Our commitment to the protection of our environment will inspire participants to develop a love for mother earth. Instead of seeing oneself as the destroyer of the world, one can be the hope of the world.

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Purpose Built Locations
We are the only company in Sri Lanka with purpose-built training centers. Our proprietary locations in Ella and Piliyandala offer more than just adventure. They also speak to the soul – all programs and activities nature-based and designed to set your spirit free. You will discover your true self by challenging your limits.
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Customized Program
We will gladly tailor a custom program to meet your specific requirements according to your company, group or individual training needs.